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Megan Barbee Banker
Writer at TeachThought
Asked a question 14 days ago

How do you use technology to teach writing in your classes?

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Google docs, with collaborations and voice feedback has been a really good way for me to give feedback (adults, English learners, and college comp, but used by my K-12 boys' teachers) and with the version history it is a good way to see what changes and growth is made by students over time.  

Terry HeickLearner
Founder & Director, TeachThought

So many ways. One way to think about it: using technology to teach at the idea level, the paper level, the sentence level, and the word level. You could add to this the 'writing process itself' level. Within each of these levels are dozens of tools and strategies to help students use many of the tech tools they already use but more intentionally.